The Cause: 

The Rhino Revival Fund 


Enlarging the Rhino Landscape

Adventure for Rhinos is raising funds for the Rhino Revival Fund. The fund will support a detailed study to determine the scope and scale of additional rhino territory in Laikipia. The trip partners with African Ascents to take you on the ultimate in multi-sport adventures while supporting rhino and wildlife conservation at the same time. 

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The proposed expansion of rhino territory in Laikipia, Kenya. From island populations to a connected landscape to support rhino and wildlife conservation. 


For the residents of Laikipia, rhinos and rhino conservation mean more than just protecting rhinos.  Rhinos are seen as an iconic, umbrella species. By protecting rhinos, we contribute to wildlife conservation, biodiversity conservation and the empowerment of communities. Kenya has lost about 70% of its large mammals in the last 40 years. If we don’t do something now, we cannot guarantee that our grandchildren will have the chance to see rhinos or other wildlife. In order to ensure the future of wildlife, we need to protect wildlife lands and habitat. This is where rhinos come into play. By protecting rhinos and their lands, we are protecting all forms of wildlife and their habitat. Laikipia has been successful in rhino conservation and hosts over 50% of Kenya’s black rhinos. However, our rhino conservation success in Laikipia needs to grow. Most of our rhinos are found on “islands” of private, protected land and their populations are outgrowing the land that can support them. For us to meet our conservation growth goals for rhinos, we need more land supporting rhino conservation. Our efforts in Laikipia are focused on expanding the available land for rhinos to more private lands, to engage more community lands, and to connect existing rhino conservancies. 

 How? And Who Benefits?

The Rhino Revival Fund is managed by Laikipia Forum (LF), a 20,000 strong membership conservation network and non-profit organization in Laikipia, Kenya. LF supports Laikipia’s natural resources stakeholders and will supervise the study to expand rhino territory. LF has been involved in rhino conservation since its inception in 1992. Take a look at the maps above to the see the proposed expansion of rhino habitat. By taking part in this trip, you are directly contributing to the future of these endangered species, black and white rhinos. Further, you are supporting the benefits that accrue from conservation on private and community lands, including wildlife protection, employment, improved livelihoods, and social services, security, and national pride.

The Rhino Revival Fund:

How is your donation used?

1. Rhino Territory Expansion - Our first priority is to examine in detail the social, ecological, biological, and economic opportunities for rhino expansion in the greater Laikipia Landscape. This detailed feasibility study will outline the practical challenges and opportunities for rhino habitat expansion on private and community lands in Laikipia.


2. Rangers and Security - Our second priority is the people who bear the major responsibility for rhino protection – the men and women forming the rhino ranger force. Funds are used to support the recruitment, equipment, training, housing and leadership of this important group throughout the rhino landscape.


3. Ranger and Community Welfare - Our third priority supports the welfare of ranger families and communities. It takes a village to ensure successful rhino conservation; and part of your funding supports the health, education, financial security, and infrastructure so necessary to ranger families and communities living alongside wildlife.


4. Fundraising - Your donation helps us leverage other funding from private and international donor sources. A small percentage of your support allows us to fundraise to complement your contributions.


5. Advocacy – an important part of our work engages county, national and international agencies in wildlife conservation and the determination of incentives and benefits for conservation on private lands.

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