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Day 0 - July 18, Arrive in Nairobi

Karibu Kenya!! Upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), you will be met by your guide and driven to your first hotel in Nairobi, on the outskirts of Nairobi National Park.

After your long journey, this accommodation is the most practical place to unwind and get a great night’s rest before your adventure begins. Enjoy dinner on the hotel grounds and fall asleep to the views of Nairobi National Park.

Meals: Social Hour | Dinner


Day 3: July 21

Rise with the rays of the African sun and enjoy a walk along the Ewaso Nyiro river. This is an amazing opportunity to see Kenya’s small wildlife and the biodiversity of bird species.


Hop back on your bike and experience the Laikipian savannah and onto your next destination. Today's ride will take you through community land, an important piece of the puzzle in terms of land conservation. We will spend the night at a community owned campground in Naibunga Conservancy.

Today’s Ride:
Approx 51km~32miles/ 620m~ 2100ft

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch

Social Hour | Dinner


Fly Camp in Naibunga Conservancy

Bike for Rhinos.jpeg

Day 6: July 24

Today’s ride will be an exciting journey through the Mukogodo Forest with an epic descent to Lekurruki Conservancy. The Lekurruki Conservancy is owned and managed by a community of Mukogodo Maasai.

Tonight enjoy the luxuries of Tassia Lodge. The Lodge captures all elements of the Kenyan bush and is an ideal escape for those searching for a taste of unspoiled Africa. 

Today's Ride:

Approx 25km~15 miles / 662m~2507ft 

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch

Social Hour | Dinner

DSCN0753 (Medium).jpg

Day 9: July 27

Enjoy a hot breakfast while the sun warms the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Today’s trek will continue through the moorland and you will start to take note of the mountain’s amazing vegetation including lobelia and senecio plants.


Tonight we stay at Major’s camp, which lies at 3,800m ~ 12,470 ft. Relax beneath dramatic rock faces and enjoy another home-cooked meal.

Today’s Walk:

Walking Distance: 11.2 kms

Walking Time: 6-7 hours

Elevation Gain: 808 meters

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch


fullsizeoutput_1f2a (Medium).jpeg

Day 12: July 30

Enjoy a luxurious breakfast while gazing at Mt. Kenya. Gather with your fellow travelers to reflect on your experience and share ideas about how to stay involved in the conservation of Laikipia’s landscape.


Your trip to Laikipia and your contribution to the Mazingira Conservation Fund will help the future of wildlife and people of Laikipia. Today, we say goodbye and you will travel back to Nairobi.

Meals: Breakfast | Morning Tea & Coffee




Day 1: July 19

Wake to Kenya’s fine coffee at breakfast and prepare for your journey North. The 5 hour journey will take you through varying landscapes including the capital city of Nairobi, Lake Naivasha, Rumuruti forest and finally into the Northern part of the Laikipian plateau. 

This afternoon hop on your mountain bike for your first spin. You will become acquainted with the bike and beautiful scenery by riding through Mugie Conservancy, a conservancy dedicated to combining sustainable conservation, productive rangeland management, community cooperation, responsible tourism and much more.

Today’s Ride:
Approx 16km~10mi / 170m~600ft

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch | Social Hour | Dinner


Day 4: July 22

Today’s ride is a longer one through the community owned landscape. This is a great opportunity to meet the locals and speak to them. We will pass through the town of DolDol, the largest town in the Northern part of the Laikipian plateau. Tonight enjoy camping in in your tent in the Kenyan bush. We will be camped on the edge of the Mukogodo Forest.

Today’s Ride:
Approx 45.9km~28.5miles/ 645m~ 2,115ft

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch

Social Hour | Dinner


Day 7: July 25

Your day, your decision. Choose to rise early and head out on an exclusive bush walk experience with expert local guides. Or choose a different option for the day: horse-back riding through the savannah, game drive to spot endemic species, or mountain biking around the conservancy. 
This afternoon head out with Tassia’s expert guides on a game drive and enjoy sundowners at a private location. Enjoy dinner at the lodge.

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch

Social Hour | Dinner


Day 10: July 28

The morning air will be brisk as you emerge from your tent; but with a hot cup of tea and a filling breakfast, you will feel ready to approach the summit.


Today’s trek will leave the moorland and enter the unique lunar landscape dotted with groundsels and lobelias; vegetation that is endemic to Mt. Kenya and very unique in its adaptation to the dramatic temperature fluctuations of the mountain.


This afternoon we will settle down next to Simba Tarn and get an early night before tackling the tantalizingly close Lenana pea.

Today’s Walk:

Walking Distance: 11 kms

Walking Time: 4-5 hours

Elevation Gain: 1,088m meters

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch


fullsizeoutput_1f2a (Medium).jpeg

Day 2: July 20

Your first full day of biking will take you from Mugie Conservancy into Loisaba Conservancy, a conservancy that recently acquired black rhinos. Ride through the open savannah and by yellow fever groves and catch a glimpse of the endangered Grevy zebra.

Your ride will have some exciting downhill sections to the Ewaso Nyiro river. Tonight enjoy camping in tents in the middle of Laikipia’s wilderness. We will camp under the African sky and gather around the fire to hear tales of the bush.

Today’s Ride:
Approx 55km~34 miles / 462m~1600ft

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch

Social Hour | Dinner


Fly Camp in Loisaba Conservancy


Day 5: July 23

Wake to the calls of the masked weaver birds and enjoy a bush breakfast. Hop on the bikes and ride into Mukogodo Forest from the north. Mukogodo Forest is the largest national forest reserve in Laikipia, covering over 30,000 hectares. It is one of Kenya’s few remaining dry forests and under management of the Ilmamusi Community Forest Association.

We will set up camp in the middle of the forest and enjoy the evening forest sounds. 

Today’s Ride:
Approx 46km~30 miles / 662m~2172ft 

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch

Social Hour | Dinner


Fly Camp in Mukogodo Forest


Day 8: July 26

After a lavish breakfast, say “kwaheri” to Lekurruki Conservancy. We board our 4-wheel drive vehicles and head to the start of our mountain trek. Here we’ll be met by our guide and porters from African Ascents.

Mount Kenya is one of the most enchanting and alluring mountains in Africa. The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian (5,199m ~ 17,057ft), Nelion (5,188m ~ 17,021ft), which are technical climbs, and Point Lenana (4,985m~16,335ft), which is the highest trekking peak.

We will climb to Lenana via Timau route, enjoying an access that is full of solitude and peace. Today’s trek will take about 4 hours and you will start at the edge of the Moorland Zone. We spend the night at Marania Camp.

Today’s Walk:

Walking Distance: 9 kms

Walking Time: 3 hours

Elevation Gain: 445 meters

Meals: Breakfast | Lunch


fullsizeoutput_1f2a (Medium).jpeg

Day 11: July 29

Step outside your tent to the bright stars and sip on a hot beverage before heading up to the summit. The 2-hour trek to the peak of Lenana will give you the opportunity to see one of the best sunrises ever. You will find breathtaking views of the two technical peaks, Batian and Nelion, and the vast lands of Kenya below.


Take a moment to reflect as you gaze over Laikipia and see the landscape that you have helped to protect. After soaking in the views, you will descend a different route and head to Soames Hotel. 

Today’s Walk:

Walking Distance: 14 Km’s

Walking Time: 2 hours to point Lenana and a further 6 hours down to the Vehicle.

Elevation Gain: 400 meters Elevation Drop: 1900 meters +-


Meals: Breakfast | Lunch

Social Hour | Dinner


Soames Hotel 


Price for a Trip of a Lifetime 


13 days/12 nights 

$7995 per person

Your trip price automatically includes a $500 USD donation to the #MazingiraConservationFund. We are asking you to fundraise additional funds to support the cause. 


For solo travelers, an additional $1500*

*Single Occupancy: 

Sometimes it’s more convenient and comfortable to have your own room while on vacation. We understand, and that’s why we offer a Single Occupancy option. The additional price guarantees a private room all to yourself.


For What is Included and Not Included please click here.


For any questions regarding payment and pricing, please contact us here or 

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