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Have you ever ridden your mountain bike along a herd of zebras? Have you experienced the thrill of riding next to the Pride Rock? 

Imagine riding a bike past rhinos and knowing that you are helping to the success of their future. Imagine standing on Point Lenana, Mt Kenya and gazing across the Laikipia landscape, knowing that you have helped the future of wildlife conservation. 


All of this and much more is possible if you join on this trip of a lifetime: Adventure For Rhinos. 


This trip would not be a success without the many partners both in Kenya and internationally. Each conservancy that this trip passes through is fully supporting the trip and the cause of expanding the rhino landscape. Each lodge and hotel are financially supporting the trip. Other partners, including the flights, the bikes, and extended travel, are partnering to help protect the future of wildlife. Please take a moment to learn about the trip’s partners below. 

Lodges & Hotels


Wildebeest Eco Camp

Langata, Nairobi, Kenya

Wildebeest Camp is an oasis in Nairobi – the simply the perfect place to relax during your African migration! 


Fly Camp 

Laikipia, Kenya

Enjoy camping in luxury tents in the middle of Laikipia's wilderness. Fly camps organized by African Ascents.

mt kenya.jpg


Mt. Kenya

Enjoy luxury camping while trekking up to Point Lenana- third highest peak on Mt. Kenya (4,985m)


Soames Hotel 

Nanyuki, Laikipia, Kenya

Views of Mt. Kenya and and the best restaurant in Nanyuki. This is a great place to start and end the adventure


Il Ngwesi Lodge

Il Ngwesi Conservancy 

Owned and run by the Maasai community, Il Ngwesi offers something truly special. Visitors to the lodge have a full wildlife and cultural experience, enjoying hospitality more akin that offered to a valued family member. With no other tourist facilities within the Group Ranch, it is the ultimate personal experience.


Mugie Conservancy

Combining sustainable conservation, productive rangeland management, community cooperation, responsible tourism and much more.


Loisaba Conservancy

Loisaba is a 57,000 acre wildlife conservancy and working ranch located in Northern Laikipia, Kenya, East Africa. The two permanent rivers and abundant permanent springs make Loisaba attractive to wildlife throughout the year. The previous owners the Ancilotto family, who bought the land in the early 1970’s, managed it as a low impact cattle ranch and tourist destination with a vision to keeping this wilderness intact for wildlife and future generations. Count Ancilotto achieved this largely by leasing the land in 1997 to a group of young Kenyans and an American Investor who created the Loisaba brand and managed it as a successful conservation, tourism and ranching business until December 2014 when, supported by generous donors, The Nature Conservancy and Space for Giants facilitated the transfer of ownership of the property and operating companies to the Loisaba Community Trust.


The Loisaba Community Trust, together with its partners, continues to ensure Loisaba remains a catalyst for community development, a hub for wildlife research, and a world-class ecotourism destination offering unique opportunities for guests to become part of the Loisaba story both during their visit and for years to come.


Naibunga Central Community Conservancy

Naibunga Central Community Conservancy is 11509.5 ha in size. It is a community owned conservancy which comprises the three community lands of MUSUL, KIJABE & NKILORITI. These communities, in the spirit of conservation, came together and decided to form the conservancy under the auspices of wildlife conservation, community development and protection of both humans & their property. The community is majorly pastoralist in livelihood and lives side by side with wild animals. The Conservancy has 14 employees with 12 being community scouts/rangers headed by a conservancy warden and two being administration roles, with the manager being the overall conservancy head. The manager is reporting to a Conservancy Board of nine members drawn from the three community lands.


Mukogodo Forest

Mukogodo forest reserve is a mosaic of closed forest, open forest and open grasslands. It’s one of the remaining dry forest which covers a landmass of 30,189 Ha. The forest and surrounding group ranches are located in the core of Kenya’s Laikipia – Samburu ecosystem which hosts Kenya’s second highest density of wildlife including the highest concentration of elephant outside of protected areas. It hosts a critical corridor of regular elephant movement between Samburu lowlands, the Laikipia plateau and Mt. Kenya Forest Reserve.


Lekurruki Conservancy

Lekurruki Conservancy covers more than 29,500 acres of the Laikipia wilderness and is managed by the Mukogodo Maasai. Under the Lekurruki Conservation Trust, rangers were secured for the conservancy to enforce restrictions on livestock grazing and poaching, as well as raising awareness and advancing the preservation efforts within the conservancy.


Local communities are integrated into land management decisions to ensure that all stakeholders have input into conservation strategies. Methods that are used in the Lekurruki Community include designated grazing areas and herding methods. The habitats of the conservancy are critical to the overall environmental stability of the region. Within the boundaries are forests and grasslands that support a variety of flora and fauna. 


Other Partners

Savage Wilderness

Savage Wilderness leads the way in Kenyan adventure tourism providing unique, breathtaking experiences in one of Nature’s most beautiful environments. Led by an international team of outdoor experts fully trained to provide the highest safety standards; you will cross rivers, plains and plateaus in an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure.

savage logo - Copy.jpeg

Laikipia Forum

Laikipia Forum (LF) is a membership driven organization located 1.2km from Nanyuki town. Founded in 1992 over a common set of natural resource management issues, the Forum has grown to include 20,000 members. Many of them belong to community natural resources management groups such as Community Forest Associations, Water Resource User Associations, Wildlife Clubs, Conservancies and Group ranches. The Forum will managing the Rhino Revival Fund and implementing the expansion of rhino lands in Laikipia.


African Ascents

African Ascents is a leading mountaineering company in Kenya. The outdoor adventure company specializes in offering trekking safaris on Mt. Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Rwenzoris, Everest Base Camp and several other amazing climbing destinations in Kenya. Julian Wright, the company’s director, is one of the Adventure for Rhinos guides and African Ascents is running the logistics of the trip. African Ascents is dedicated to protecting the future of Mt.Kenya. Mt. Kenya is Laikipia’s water tower and without it the rhinos would have very little chance of surviving. 


Let’s Go Travel

Let’s Go Travel is a Kenyan based tour company that specializes in creating authentic safari experiences, whether you are looking for a relaxing family vacation, a romantic beach and bush honeymoon, or a thrilling wildlife adventure. We also offer unbeatable international holiday and world tour packages.

Whatever your needs, our destination experts use their passion and unrivalled knowledge to create a unique vacation around you!

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