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"A trip of a lifetime to Kenya!" by guest Leslie Hauser and Karl Wuesthoff

A trip of a lifetime to Kenya, that an active adventure traveler should not miss out on!   A wonderful combination of mountain biking through Laikipia reserves among the Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, Elephants and many more native animals and hiking Mt. Kenya!  

The lodging was fabulous and incredibly authentic. We were always one with our environment while sleeping and eating in top notch accommodations. After full days of biking or hiking we enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow travelers and guides, discussing Africa, the preservation of its animals and wildlife and the current state of travel throughout the region.  

We were fortunate to be on the inaugural journey and often reminisce about biking alongside running giraffes, being on safari and witnessing lions mating and getting to Point Lenana on the top of Mt Kenya for sunset.

Leslie Hauser and Karl Wuesthoff - Milwaukee, WI USA

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